More call-time with your loved ones.

Cheaper rates, with no hidden costs.

Zero risk.

Costs And Charges

No hidden charges, no gimmicks. Below is the price band and credit provided for non 0800 numbers.

  • 100% Pay As You Go!   No bill
  • No credit check
  • Zero Risk!!!

Initial set up of your number account/administration is completely free of charge.

Then Top up as required! - Easy

No Line rental for as long as you use our service

Please remember: (NON 0800) Callers will be charged the same rate as dialling a local landline number, currently starting at a maximum rate of 9.95 pence per minute + VAT from most prisons, less from regular phone lines. This rate is even lower when you factor in the free credit many of our packages offer. Fonesavvy gives you the freedom to receive calls without waiting by the landline and avoiding the caller being subjected to high charges.

Top Up Options

Package Minutes Credit Cost
Starter 321 minutes credit - 6% extra credit included £29.99
Frequent 547 minutes credit - 8% extra credit included £49.99
Ultra 782 minutes credit - 10% extra credit included £69.99
£4.99 Top Up 51 minutes credit £4.99
£9.99 Top Up 103 minutes credit - 2% extra credit included £9.99
£19.99 Top Up 210 minutes credit - 4% extra credit included £19.99